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Cory McKnight - Senior Account Executive

McKnight is a senior account executive at Balsera Communications where he specializes in public outreach and public involvement projects.

McKnight also serves as Public Affairs Specialist at Balsera Communications affiliate company Communikatz, where he works on major transportation projects for the Miami Intermodal Center (MIC) and for the South Florida East Coast Corridor (SFECC) Study. During his six years at Communikatz, Mr. McKnight has served as a liaison between the Florida Department of Transportation District Six and the Board of County Commissioners Regional Transportation Committee. He supported station planning meetings for the SFECC Corridor Study and has been involved with producing special events for 95 Express/I-95 Managed Lanes, the Port of Miami Tunnel, the FDOT District Six Work Program, and the Miami Intermodal Center. For the latter he participated in planning and carrying out the opening event for the Rental Car Center and groundbreaking for the Miami Central Station. He also conducts issue research.

For the MIC, the massive project being sponsored and built by the Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) east of Miami International Airport, Mr. McKnight is responsible for conducting community briefings and maintaining the website. He develops print materials and PowerPoint presentations and provides responses to day-to-day inquiries from private citizens and local, national, international, construction, finance and professional media. In addition he coordinates and attends site tours, special events and meetings.

As the Public Information Specialist for the SFECC Study, Mr. McKnight conducts outreach to stakeholders in the South Florida region, including facilitating station planning meetings and briefings for elected officials along the FEC corridor.

Working with FDOT staff and a local video production company, Mr. McKnight managed the extensive technical preparation for live streaming of District Six’s first Webinar. That effort culminated in a virtual public hearing on the Work Program and has now been repeated. He also coordinates public meetings, updates websites and responds to Requests For Information from the general public and elected officials.

Mr. McKnight joined Communikatz after a seven-year tenure at Central Piedmont Community College, the largest educational institution in the Carolinas. While there, he worked as Assistant to the Director of the federally funded TRIO Programs. He carried out a wide range of duties to support non-traditional students in their pursuits of higher education. Mr. McKnight developed curricula, revised department policies, and taught classes and workshops. He was elected secretary of the state TRIO organization and served on several state and regional committees.

Before entering education, Mr. McKnight worked for five years for DataSouth Computer Corporation, a multinational printer manufacturer. He began as a manufacturing engineer focusing on several key areas. By rewriting training documents and making them available via an intranet archival site, he enhanced product reliability and accountability. He improved product quality by implementing calibration and audit programs, while his assistance on a major plant refitting significantly reduced labor costs. Mr. McKnight’s success in developing and maintaining lines of communication between the manufacturing and design departments earned him a promotion to administering the Configuration Control program across all product lines. This one source of information ensured that proper protocol was followed during proposal, approval, and implementation of product revisions.

Mr. McKnight’s professional experience extends to Fortune 500 companies. He worked with two product development teams at Xerox’s research and design headquarters in Rochester, New York. The first was an international team consisting of Fuji Xerox of Japan and the former Rank Xerox of England, for which he assisted in tracking product development issues. This data was the basis for discussions with Fuji and Rank regarding improvements in product performance. Later, he wrote software and conducted tests to establish performance parameters for new imaging technologies.

McKnight received his Bachelor of Science in Mathematics/Physics, Cum Laude from Johnson C. Smith University in Charlotte, North Carolina.


Cory McKnight

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Cory McKnight